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Power Tower™ Telescoping Tripod

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Circle-D’s Telescoping Tripod is not only extensively used by emergency service and utility departments but by industry, marine, military and governmental agencies. Made of strong, lightweight, structural grade aluminum tubing, with heavy duty pivots. The base spreads to a sturdy 56”, which gives maximum stability. Easy grip knobs make handling simple, even with gloved hands. Height range is changed with tight reliable clamps from 72” to 125”. These lights can be used either on or off apparatus. Weight 20 lbs.

Features Include:

  • Extra corrosion resistance with both our powder coatings, Silver Hammertone or High Visibility Yellow. PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING.
  • Tripod allows light to rotate 360° and can be used on or off vehicle.
  • Clamps for leg opening and height adjustment are fast and easy to use.
  • Fixture has rugged, weatherproof on/off switch.
  • Easy adjustments can be made, even with gloved hands, using both knobs and handle, which are made of Lexan 500 filled polycarbonate.
  • Sturdy cast aluminum light housing on the standard Model 167G, as illustrated, which is usually supplied, has hinged guard that protects lens and lamp. This lamp is available in wide and medium flood or narrow spot, 500 Watt bulb. (96,000 candlepower maximum beam). Other lights are also available.
  • Platform unit allows tripod to be used with any standard portable light fixture, shown below.
  • Optional truck mount bracket set available, see accessory page.
Selection Guide
Item No.
Telescoping tripod with Sealed Beam, Quartz Halogen light, 121/2 ft. coil cord and twist lock plug. Specify lamp pattern.

Telescoping stanchion pole with Sealed Beam, Quartz Halogen light, 121/2 ft. coil cord and twist lock plug. (Not Shown) Specify lamp pattern.

Telescoping tripod only.

Telescoping tripod with platform unit, only.
Sealed Beam Quartz Halogen Lamps For #167G Light Fixture

500 watt, 120 volt, Wide Flood, 22,500 maximum beam candle power

500 watt, 120 volt, Medium Flood, 47,000 maximum beam candle power

500 watt, 120 volt, Narrow Spot, 96,000 maximum beam candle power