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About us


Natale Machine & Tool is a Woman Owned, family company in business since 1947. We manufacture "Circle D Lights", our own patented, UL Listed product line, featuring our POWERBOX™ Junction Box, portable spot and flood lights, and other units for industrial, high-bay and marine applications. Our reputation for quality, dependability and safety has been undisputed throughout the industry since our inception. As innovators of our own designs and products, we have been leaders in the field, designing our items to meet the needs of our users. Our long-lasting products are compact, lightweight and extremely durable. The aluminum housing on our units is guaranteed for the lifetime of the fixture. Our products have been proven to withstand the test of time for almost 75 years!

The Founding of Circle D Lights/Natale Machine & Tool Company

Dominick Natale, fondly known as “ Magee”, was born in Edinburg, PA in 1911. He graduated early from Lawrence County Public Schools, prior to attending New Castle Trade School where he completed programs in both Drafting and Machine Shop. He initially relocated to Rutherford, NJ, married "the girl next door", and raised two daughters, as well as, a myriad of diverse pets, in Wood-Ridge, NJ. He vacationed at the Jersey Shore in Manahawkin, where he eventually lived full-time. Dominick is remembered fondly as a generous, ambitious, hard-working, fun-loving man who enjoyed leisure time spent with friends and family. During his lifetime, he enjoyed fishing, bowling, golfing, dancing, singing, vegetable gardening, playing pool and pinochle.

Dominick was an inventor, tool and die maker, and founder of Natale Machine & Tool Company/Circle D Lights which he started in his home before expanding to a shop/foundry in Carlstadt, NJ. In addition to his patented Circle D Lights line of flood/spot lights and junction boxes, he designed specialized machines, molds and tools that benefitted various individuals and industries. One of his many remarkable innovations included his design and production of tiny instruments used for surgery on infants. His help was sought by a prominent, pediatric surgeon in need of more precise operating tools for his very small patients. Dominick’s instruments were a great success and these two men soon became life-long friends. 

Over the years, Circle D Lights have been broadly utilized in various, diverse locations... from realistically adorning Hollywood's film industry's firetrucks, to illuminating Pennsylvania's steel mills, to brightening New York's Lincoln Tunnel, to functioning on Canada's emergency vehicles. In fact, Dominick literally "lit up the world" when his lights illuminated the Unisphere at the 1964/65 NY World's Fair! 

Dominick continued to serve as President of Natale Machine & Tool Co., Inc. until his death in 2011, just one month shy of his 100th birthday. In addition to distributing Streamlight products for over 40 years, his company, now owned by his two daughters, continues to produce their UL Listed, Circle D Lights specialty lighting and junction boxes. These portable units are extensively utilized by fire departments and other emergency service vehicles. Additional "Circle D" applications include, but are not limited to, marine vessels, industrial high bay lighting, recreational areas, the military and other government distribution.

Sturdy, dependable Circle D Lights have been proven to withstand the test of time for almost 74 years! They have even survived being run over by firetrucks more than once!