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Three Way Junction Box
Features 3 single receptacles, spring loaded flip-lid covers with twist-lock (#PF50G-3) or straight blade (#PF50G-1) connectors and an 18″ pigtail with rubber boot which secures to the housing by strain relief grip.

P-23 Set, Quick Release Hold Down Clamps For All CIRCLE D Portable Lights
These can be used for truck or deck mounting. Quick release hold down clamps are made of solid brass and are plated with chrome. These not only afford sturdy mounting to any vehicle but can be quickly released for fast unit usage. Thick, bright chrome plating beautifies any vehicle on which they are mounted.

P-168 Telescopic Tripod Platform Unit
Now any CIRCLE D portable unit can give you the double advantage of a tripod mounted light or as a hand held portable unit. This accessory comes complete with aluminum tripod stand, aluminum base plate and one set of (2) quick release hold down clamps. Unit will accommodate all CIRCLE D portable lights.

P-24 Quick Release Truck Mount Bracket Set For Tripod
Leg and quick release truck mount brackets allow for handy access and storage for the Power Tower Telescoping Tripod unit. Can be mounted permanently to any surface of the vehicle and assures quick accessibility when light is needed, on or off the apparatus.
213 Vertical Mount Junction Box Bracket
Now available for handy storage and wall mounting of our junction boxes. CIRCLE D’s POWERBOX can be mounted neatly and conveniently to the wall of your apparatus. Made of cast aluminum alloy for durability, storage box can be mounted easily to any surface and allows quick and handy accessibility.

214 Horizontal Mount Junction Box Bracket
Available for shelf mounting of the CIRCLE D POWERBOX is this sturdy cast aluminum bracket which easily mounts to a shelf. This storage is neat and simple and keeps the junction box in reach for quick, easy access.

Cord Sets and Pigtail / Adapters
All sets are made of SOOW-A/SOOW (600V) cord, which has a tough flexible yellow Thermoset rubber jacket and is sunlight, ozone, oil, abrasion, chemical resistant and flame retardant. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use and approved by UL, CSA and OSHA and listed by MSHA. Rated 1050 C UL high temperature down to -400 low temperature. Available in varied lengths up to 1000 ft. in AWG type: 16/3, 14/3, 12/3, 12/4, 10/3 and 10/4. Please consult factory for pricing.