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New Vantage ll Series Helmet Lights

New Vantage ll Series Helmet Lights

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Vantage® II

With the Vantage II, we bring three next generation models of a new ultra-compact helmet mounted light to the fire and industrial markets. The available models include:

- #69331: Designed to fit traditional and modern style fire helmets (above or below helmet brim)

- #69332: Designed to fit Gallet® F1 XF fire helmets

- #69333: Designed to fit slotted industrial hard hats

Each new light is lightweight, compact and low-profile, and powered by a single CR123A lithium battery. Shining brightly at 350 lumens, each model also features a blue LED safety taillight that allows the wearer to be seen from behind, even in heavy smoke. They also have a “safe off” feature to prevent accidental activation and to save batteries.

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